Pharmaceutical expertise

In an increasingly competitive and global market, the pharmaceutical industry faces profound changes, and must continuously adapt its communications strategy and operational marketing initiatives.

The challenges in this environment are optimising the pharma rep's visit, initiating and maintaining a durable relationship, keeping health professionals informed and leveraging new Internet technologies and social media in relational marketing programs that range from continuous education to patient support.

For the last 10 years, we have supported laboratory and health professionals marketing efforts by:

  • Building lasting relationships between health professionals, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical representatives
  • Designing strategies that build engagment through interactivity
  • Driving efficient and cost effective professional visits
  • Improve top of mind for marketed products
  • Build prescriber loyalty by taking a service-centric instead of a product-centric approach

And also :

  • Better responding to patient needs through specific programs and developing dedicated platforms including services by health professionals.

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